Wednesday, September 8, 2010

International Literacy Day 2010


Adjective: Unable to read or write.
Noun: A person who is unable to read or write.

September 8th is International Literacy Day 2010

"Despite many and multifarious efforts, the literacy rate across the world looks alarming. According to UN analysis there are close to four billion literate people world wide and some 776 million people lack minimum literacy skills, that mean one in five adults are yet to literate; 75 million children did not attend school and many more attend irregularly or are drop outs. Almost 35 countries have a literacy rate of less than 50% and a population of more than 10 million people who are illiterate. 85% percent of the world's illiterate population dwells in these countries, and two-thirds are fairer sex." - Altius Directory

Illiteracy is a problem!  Having always been a book lover I find it very difficult to understand how someone can go through life without reading, but I know it is a huge struggle for a lot of people.  I am on board with anything that can help to improve literacy; I hate for anyone to miss out on all of the adventures a good book can bring.  Not to mention the ease of day to day life in a world where words matter.

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I just finished a great book about the negative spiralling effects of illiteracy in someones life.  It is not often that I read a fictional story that makes me want to turn around and do research and/or start a cause. But this story did! It was a great book and I plan to post my review of it soon (along with a contest!).  In the mean time, go check it out...

Take Me There
by Carolee Dean

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