Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Meet Candace!

September 13th - 17th is Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

There are so many great bloggers out there who helped inspire me to start on my own blog.  This week I plan to highlight a couple of different bloggers for all of you to get to know better! One blogger who I have discovered through my various clicking around is Candace from Candace's Book Blog.  She is a mom, works part-time, and still finds time to read and blog. Kudos to her! Candace has a great book blog - go check it out!  In the mean time enjoy learning a little more about her below...
Candace's Book Blog
1. Tell about yourself in five words or less.

Mother, Wife, Reader, Traveler, Dreamer

2. Who is someone you admire?

There are so many that could fit this category, but I'm going to go with my mother. Although as a teen I felt the way about her most teens feel about their parents, I now realize that the strictness was coming from my fathers wishes. My mom was put in some tough situations and still is. I admire her for sticking with things and just dealing to the best of her ability.

3. What book are you reading right now?

Firelight by Sophie Jordan (It's AWESOME!)

4. What is on your mouse pad?

I don't have a mouse pad. I only have a netbook and a laptop.

5. What was your favorite book as a child or young adult?

I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today and other stories by Dr. Seuss. I wanted my mom to read it to me so much that she just recorded herself reading it and I listened to it over and over.

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?


7. Why did you start your blog?

I originally started my blog just to keep track of the books I was reading and my thoughts on them. After about a year (maybe more) I was ready to go full time and now it's my lifeline. It's ME. It's the one thing I do for myself that I love and get great satisfaction from.

8. If you could go anywhere for a day, where would you go?

That one is HARD. I want to travel to pretty much every single country in the world. One place I can picture in my head clearly is Greece. By the sea. Like in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? So beautiful!

9. Do you like your handwriting?

I hate my handwriting! I have man writing. I always envied girls with the curlicues.

10. What do you love about book blogging?

Everything. I get a sense of satisfaction because after so many years of writing someone is actually reading what I write (though I'm technically published, it was a very small time book of poetry). Even if it's just book reviews and book nonsense stuff. I love having this 'world' around me of other 'book people' and people who really understand me. I love chatting and spending time with authors, some of the people I most admire. I love spreading the book love and I love getting some of the books before everyone else so on release day I can be at the bookstore telling everyone how amazing a book is and that they really have to read it.
Thank you Candace!
Candace's Blog
Candace's Twitter


Candace said...

Thanks so much for featuring me!

Suey said...

Fun questions! I'll have to remember some of these for the next interview! :)


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