Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Book-to-Movie Ramble

I just watched the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer and after having a random *superexcitedsqueelingfangirl* moment I started thinking about books.  Specifically books that were adapted into movies.  Did you know that "Each year an average of thirty novels are made into movies for the big screen? (source) "  I knew it was a lot, but seriously I think books provide most of our movie watching now.  Not too many original movie ideas out there anymore.  Most of the time I get super excited when a book I love is being made into a movie.  However, the movies are often a disappointment.  Straying from the plot, cheap special effects, and bad acting often kill a good book adaption. Below are some movies that, while not always sticking straight to the plot, I feel still hit the mark. As well as a few movies that totally missed the mark!

Movies that hit the mark:

Harry Potter
 They don't always keep in line with the books, usually leaving things out rather than adding new things in. But I still love them. Luckily Warner Bros. has a HUGE budget and can make the effects great.  Needless to say, I get super hyped about the next Harry Potter movie coming out and will be sad when they end. *wishingonastarforjkrowlingtowritemoreHPbooks*

The Blind Side
I loved this movie. I am going to be honest and say that I have not actually read the book yet. But who cares if they followed the book on this one; it was just great! A well deserved best actress oscar win for Sandra Bullock. A must see and now a must read.

Pride & Prejudice
So many different versions of this movie exist, but I personally love the recent one starring Kiera Knightley.  I know it is choppy and fast, but I love the cinemetography and the emotions.  Jane Austen makes me smile.

A Walk to Remember/The Notebook/Basically any Nicholas Sparks movie
In the world of chick-flick movies I think Nicholas Sparks can basically do no wrong.  His modern-day-Greek-tragedy stories often make for an easy transition into film.  His stories already have all of the romance and angst built-in. Sparks also seems to have managed to get his films picked up by studios who do a good job filming and for the most part stick straight to the book!

Movies that missed the mark by a mile:

The Da Vinci Code
 Snore fest.  I really enjoyed the book The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, but could not seem to make it through the movie. I rarely fall asleep during a movie and yet I found myself snoring halfway through this film each time I attempted to watch it.  Way to make a fast paced/thriller-ish book into a bore-fest. I eventually gave up and honestly have never finished it.  Sad but true.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighting Thief
I really loved the book series and was sad the movie was such a bust. They changed way too much of the plot. I am not even sure how they would continue the movies without totally straying from the original storyline. 
Bad acting and bad special effects! Boo. Luckily the effects and acting get a little better as each movie comes out ... so perhaps it was not bad acting in the first place, just bad directing? I blame it on the low budget.

The Time Travelers Wife
Such an amazing book, but this movie was like reading really bad cliff notes.  It was choppy and they made Clare out to be an angry, bitter wife. Not sure where that came from? They didn't stray too far from the plot, but it was still a big disappointment. 

 Why??!! What did they do to the plot? Ruined it.  I was so excited about this movie because I really loved the books. Boo on them for screwing it up. 

What upcoming book-to-movie are you looking forward to??

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