Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Maze Runner Movie Trailer!

I read James Dashner's Maze Runner books pretty much as they were published (or earlier!)... so of course I was excited they were making it into a movie.  But with the -blah-  recently produced out of all the YA-book to movie attempts I was a little worried about how it might turn out. (I mean honestly, I read the Divergent book series and the trailers don't even make me the tiniest bit excited about that movie).  But the Maze Runner trailer seems to have settled those fears for me.  *crossing-my-fingers* that the movie turns out well!  I don't know who any of the actors are (which I think is a good thing) and it looks like they may have a done a decent job on it... It will probably be a cliff-notes and less gruesome version of the books. I hope it does work out well because I enjoyed the series.  It can't be worse than what they did to Twilight...


Haven't read the Maze Runner Trilogy yet?? 
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Monday, March 17, 2014

Kindle Fire HDX Giveaways!

There are 2 Kindles being given away
(or if preferred the winners can choose a $229 Amazon Gift Card or $229 in Paypal Cash)

To enter to win the 1st Kindle Fire HDX you use the rafflecopter form:

http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/0a00961232/" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

There is a second Kindle Fire HDX (or gift card or paypal cash being given away).  This one is available only to those who post about the giveaway on their blog.  You can post anytime from now until April 15th!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Feeling Lucky? Bag-o-Swag giveaway!

Over the handful of years of I have been book blogging I have collected a lot SWAG (see picture).

Which is awesome.

BUT all of the swag has been hanging in a book bag in my spare closet. Collecting dust.


And I have come to realize there won't really be a time in my life (or at least not the near future) where I will have a place to put all of the random bookmarks, posters, buttons, etc that I have collected.

However, I am SURE there is someone out there in the blog-o-sphere who has THE WALL.

You know the one.

The wall that is covered with all of their favorite inspiration things; quotes, pictures, book jackets, autographs, etc. (I had THE WALL as a teenager. It was madness and I loved it).

Therefore, I want someone to ENJOY my bag-o-swag.  I picked out a handful of precious (to me) items and I am giving the rest away! It is nothing fancy, but there are some fun autographs in there; Lauren Oliver, Jeri Smith-Ready, Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr, Alyson Noel, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl, Lisa Desrochers, Kiki Hamilton, Sophie Jordan, Kirsten Hubbard, etc..

Just enter the rafflectoper below for a chance to win.  And if you do win and just happen to have THE WALL you should let me know.  I would totally love to show it off on the blog after you have received a boost of my collected swag for your collection.


 a Rafflecopter giveaway


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Knight Assassin Release Day!

Today is release day for four amazing Entangled Teen titles and I am excited to share one of them with you! Today Knight Assassin is on sale for just $.99 for a limited time so be sure to pick up your copy before it goes back to full price!


About the Book

Title: Knight Assassin

Author: Rima Jean

Publisher: Entangled Teen

Pub. Date: March 4, 2014

Find it: GoodreadsAmazon, B&N

Seventeen-year-old Zayn has special powers she cannot control—powers that others fear and covet. Powers that cause the Templar Knights to burn Zayn’s mother at the stake for witchcraft. 

When a mysterious stranger tempts Zayn to become the first female member of the heretical Assassins, the chance to seek her revenge lures her in. She trains to harness her supernatural strength and agility, and then enters the King of Jerusalem's court in disguise with the assignment to assassinate Guy de Molay, her mother’s condemner. 

But once there, she discovers Earic Goodwin, the childhood friend who still holds her heart, among the knights—and his ocean-blue eyes don’t miss a thing. Will vengeance be worth the life of the one love she has left? 

Find Rima Online:



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