Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Maze Runner Movie Trailer!

I read James Dashner's Maze Runner books pretty much as they were published (or earlier!)... so of course I was excited they were making it into a movie.  But with the -blah-  recently produced out of all the YA-book to movie attempts I was a little worried about how it might turn out. (I mean honestly, I read the Divergent book series and the trailers don't even make me the tiniest bit excited about that movie).  But the Maze Runner trailer seems to have settled those fears for me.  *crossing-my-fingers* that the movie turns out well!  I don't know who any of the actors are (which I think is a good thing) and it looks like they may have a done a decent job on it... It will probably be a cliff-notes and less gruesome version of the books. I hope it does work out well because I enjoyed the series.  It can't be worse than what they did to Twilight...


Haven't read the Maze Runner Trilogy yet?? 
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Kelly Blackwell @ Heres My Take On It said...

I am definitely looking forward to Maze Runner. Thanks for sharing the clip.

Little Miss Bookie said...

I recognize a few of the actors. Will Poulter who was in one of the Narnia movies and Thomas Brodie-Sangster who was in Nanny McFee and Love Actually. I can't help but think of Harry Potter's rendition of the maze when watching this, but it does look good.


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