Tuesday, October 12, 2010

To e-read or not to e-read...

Thank to things like NetGalley and
I have been debating on purchasing an e-reader.
So I need some advice!

What are your thoughts on e-readers?

It is really just as comfortable to read on as a normal book?

Help me choose what brand to get by voting for your favorite e-reader on the right column!


GREYZ said...

It would probably depend on your usage. I too am thinking of buying an e-reader and most people suggested Kindle especially when you also use Netgalley. :)

Steph said...

I am getting a nook, I use netgalley and I really like all the features that the nook offers!

Amber Griffiths said...

I must admit, I've become quite addicted to reading e-books recently. I find they are easy to read - I just use my laptop, no fancy e-readers there! - in short periods of time.

That said, I do prefer reading a hard copy of a book. It's just more comfortable in your hands, and there's no bright screen to hurt your eyes after hours of reading. Plus, books smell nicer :)

Candace said...

I got a kobo in June (it was the cheapest) because of Netgalley. I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed reading on it. It's super light and you slip it in a case and it's easier to carry around with you in your purse. I was worried about it being damaged, but that case is super padded. I worry less then I do with my paper books. I do wish that it had bigger print and it doesn't have many options, so I would much rather have a kindle or a Nook. I have been getting many more review books on it too, but I can't buy books for it because to me that's a waste of money. You can't share it and you really have nothing to show for it. But for review books, definitely worth it!

Kristina Barnes♥ said...

I've wanted a Nook since forever. I used to be on the adamant anti-e-reader bandwagon, but then I started getting pdf's and using Netgalley and now I really want the Nook. I can't read books on my laptop because I keep getting distracted.

My choices were between the Nook and the EZReader. I decided the Nook because it has a replaceable battery (if you have an iPhone, you realize replaceable batteries are godsend) and because it has a micro SD storage slot so if I somehow fill up the storage I get (1,500 books), I could just get another cheap SD card and keep putting books on there! Plus, I'm in Barnes and Noble for so long, so I'd utilize reading novels for free in there all the time. The only complaint I have for the Nook (and I don't know if it's been updated yet) is that there is no organization of files so it takes a while to get to the books. BUT the Nook has constant updates and upgrades that you can download from your computer, and that's what I like about it. The Barnes and Noble support staff for the Nook is awesome.

Savannah Smith said...

Actually, I've been debating this with myself for a while too. To me, books are just beautiful, aren't they. I mean, you CANNOT replicate the smell of books, right? And what about the feeling of accomplishment you get when you flip through the 800+ pages of the book you just read? I mean, you can't replicate that, right?

Then this Sunday my friend Evan showed me this thing called a Nook. Honestly, the only downsides of it (to me) are the fact that you can't really bring it to the pool, it's electronic, which means batteries and possibly having the thing shut down on you, and maybe the fact that you can't get the smell of books on the nook (or can you???).

so, I think I might ask my mom for one, because it's starting to sound like a good idea. And hey! Cheaper books is great, right? :)

Danny said...

I have a Kindle since the beginning of the year and just bought the newest Kindle version. Plus I have an iPad.

I have to say I LOVE reading eBooks and I wouldn't want to miss my Kindle. I have to say I find it even more comfortable reading on an eReader than having a heavy hardcover.

Julie said...

I bought a Nook after seeing everything I was missing on NetGalley and I LOVE it! It's perfect for traveling and keeping in my purse. It's also a million times better than trying to read from a laptop or a huge hardback book in bed. The battery life is long enough that I've never run out. I charge it every few days either on my computer or in the car through the cigarette lighter. I still prefer print books and I read them faster, but I am SO glad I got my Nook!

Manga Maniac said...

I have a Sony ereader and the Kindle. I love the Kindle. It totally blows the Sony away. I also have an iPad, but the Kindle is lighter and more portable and has a battery that just doesn't quit.

I do most of book shopping at Amazon, so the Kindle is a good fit for me. If you prefer B&N, then you are going to want the Nook.


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