Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Messing with my Universe

One of the fun things about blogging is that you get to create your own little piece of the universe to decorate and mess with. I keep learning nifty new tricks for the blog and (as you might have noticed) I frequently update 'the look'. One big accomplishment for the day is finally figuring out how to make a header that is centered and having a blog with three columns instead of two...

Some other fun tidbits I have added:

Blog Rating! So far I am rated 'G'! Let's hope it stays that way - or something close to it. I don't want my mom or grandma looking at my blog and saying 'what??!!' :)

Blogversary Countdown! 'See Scoot Read' was established July 11, 2010. Hard to believe I am not even a month old yet. I now have a countdown to remind me as we get close to the Blobversary! This way I will know just when to host my Blogversary Contest & Giveaway!!

Blog Visitor Tracker - Let's see how many people actually visit the blog. So far I think all the 'hits' are from my husband and myself! But that's OK - baby steps.

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