Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dystopian Novel Countdown: Day 4

Day 4 of the Dystopian Novel Countdown


City of Ember,  by Jeanne DuPrau

Description (via GoodReads): 
The city of Ember was built as a last refuge for the human race. Two hundred years later, the great lamps that light the city are beginning to flicker. When Lina finds part of an ancient message, she’s sure it holds a secret that will save the city. She and her friend Doon must decipher the message before the lights go out on Ember forever! This stunning debut novel offers refreshingly clear writing and fascinating, original characters. 

I read this book after I heard about the movie coming out a while ago.  The story was really interesting... I enjoyed reading about the underground City of Ember and about Lina and Doon solving the mystery of how to escape.   The story continues in three more books, but I have yet to read them. Hopefully some day I will find the time!  City of Ember is a great example of a dystopian novel for day 4 of our Dystopian countdown...

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