Friday, July 29, 2011

Book Bargains!

As usual I was browsing Amazon's book bargains and found a few deals that I couldn't resist sharing with you!! All of the deals below are for paperback copies shipped from directly from Amazon.

Now these are not all of the great deals they have (there are a bunch more on their site). These are just some of the books I am either really interested in reading or have read before and enjoyed. Happy Reading!



Arianne Cruz said...

u want a really awesome deal? i got hooked on
they have a sale EVERY WEEK! so i learned to pick and choose which sale i want to take advantage of. pretty much, i get my books for $5 or less. super awesome. right now they are having a fantasy/sci-fi sale. i got more of my sookie stackhouse series :) check it out! (lol do I sound like a spam msg?)

Arianne Cruz said...

p.s gohastings also sell with amazon, that's how i found them. they're really awesome. and FREE SHIPPING if they don't have a physical store in ur state :)


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