Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crescendo: Hush Hush 2

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Genre: Young Adult – Paranormal
Publication Date: October 19, 2010
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing
Age Range: Young Adult
Pages:  427
Date Scoot Read: March 2011
: Audiobook

Scoot's Rating: 3- Didn’t like it.

Synopsis (via Goodreads)
Nora Grey's life is still far from perfect. Surviving an attempt on her life wasn't pleasant, but atleast she got a guardian angel out of it: a mysterious, magnetic, gorgeous guardian angel. But, despite his role in her life, Patch has been acting anything but angelic. He's more elusive than ever and even worse, he's started spending time with Nora's arch-enemy, Marcie Millar.

Nora would have hardly noticed Scott Parnell, an old family friend who has moved back to town, if Patch hadn’t been acting so distant. Even with Scott's totally infuriating attitude Nora finds herself drawn to him - despite her lingering feeling that he's hiding something.

Haunted by images of her murdered father, and questioning whether her nephilim bloodline has anything to do with his death, Nora puts herself increasingly in dangerous situations as she desperatly searches for answers. But maybe some things are better left buried, because the truth could destroy everything - and everyone - she trusts.

Scoot’s Review:
Crescendo picks up the summer after the events in Hush Hush.  Nora and Patch are together and he is now her guardian angel.  When an old acquaintance moves back to town and Nora gains a clue in regards to her father’s murder her life is thrown into turmoil.  Not sure where to turn or who to trust Nora struggles to find out the truth of what happened that night.  I hate to have negatively toned reviews, but honestly I struggled with liking this story.  In the end it was just not an enjoyable read for me.  Which was extremely disappointing because I enjoyed Hush Hush so much.  This book seemed to be largely based around watching Nora make one bad choice after another – over and over and over and over again.  It was frustrating to say the least. Perhaps I am just too old to appreciate all of the drama?  It seemed overly childish and very flip-floppy to me based on her as a character in the last book. There was also very little Patch in the story, he would occasionally appear - but all in all it was an extremely Nora-centric book.  I did enjoy learning more about the fallen angel and nephilim history, as well as some shocking history about Nora’s parents.  It also settled a few loose ends in regards to Nora’s father’s death.  The story had a small amount of redeeming itself to me and then bam – the story is over and the drama starts all over again.  I do plan to read the conclusion to this series just because I want to know how it all ends, but I am not in a rush to get it any time soon.   If you really liked Hush Hush go ahead and give it a try – a lot of people gave this book high reviews; it was just not my cup of tea.



Coffee and a Book Chick said...

Oh, what a shame - I was looking forward to this series!

Cherry said...

I didn't like this book either...

Katie Edwards said...

I agreed with you. Hush, Hush was all right, not great but not terrible, but Crescendo didn't work for me at all. Nora was just so *drippy* in this one.

Bella said...

I disliked book 1 so much I gave away the arc of book 2 so someone who really loved it could enjoy it. It was one of the few books I picked up based on cover alone (which I found beautiful) but for me the story didnt live up to the art:-/


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