Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scoot's Ramblings: Time

Having been able to participate in Armchair BEA last week (which was awesome!) I came to realize that the majority of book bloggers blog for fun and/or personal fulfillment.  So that brings me to wonder, where does everyone find the TIME?!  I know that a lot of us have careers, attend school full-time/part-time, and/or have children and families that fill up our days.  Yet we manage to find the time to read ginormous amounts of books and blog about them.   I personally think that is awesome, but I am also curious to know where everyone manage to squeeze in their reading and blogging time.  I have a horrendously long work commute each weekday on the train.  I am on the train (or waiting for the train) for about three hours every day, so I manage to get a lot of reading done then.  I also read when my husband is busy watching one of his shows (currently he is fixated on Prison Break) or when he is in school (he's getting his MBA!).  I try not to let reading take over my life, and I work hard to balance my hobby (cough*addiction*cough) with all of the other wonderful things in my life.  As for my blogging - honestly most of this happens during the day at work. Horrible, but true.  I am on a computer all day and taking a couple of minutes to post a blog doesn't really detract from what I am doing.  I am a big multi-tasker.  However, being on the computer all day also means that by the time I get home I am sick of being online and I usually don't blog much in the evenings or the weekends.

How about you? Where do you squeeze in time for reading and blogging?



Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I'm going through a transition and finding it difficult to find time.

When I was in school, I blogged all day while I was in class or at work (I know...I sound like a slacker), but I didn't have much time to read. I only read before bed.

Now, I definitely can't blog during my full-time internship so I am having a difficult time fitting it in, but I have more time to read on my one hour commute.

Great question.

quirky girls said...

I "read" on my commute. Were it not for audio books I would be a lot more profane during the drive to and from work. I also read while waiting for people to show up to meetings, before I go to bed, at lunch breaks, etc. And I like you, I admit to take a few minutes to post on my book blog while at work. It helps that Quirky Girls Read is a group blog and the individual posts are spaced out. Hurts also because I'm always getting new books to read from those ladies!!

Izzybella (quirky girls read)


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