Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scoot's Ramblings: Dream Library

So the hubs and I have been slowly remodeling our home and today I got onto the train of thought regarding in house libraries.  I would someday LOVE to have an in home library. For our current home this is a not very practical, instead we will be updating the more common things like a new fence, a covered patio, and repainting. However, in the future it would be pretty awesome to have one of these.

This is my iconic library dream: Beast's library. Love love love.  Of course the square footage of this library is probably ten times the size of my total house. So odds are slim my future library would look anything like this...

However, there are a few elements that if I ever have one of these amazing rooms I would like to incorporate. 

First, it would need some comfy seating. I am not a fan of sitting and reading at a desk or on some hard chair. I want comfort! Some place that I cuddle up and read my book for hours without getting back pains or bed sores.

Second, I would need some super tall bookshelves requiring one of those awesome shelf ladders.  I might be slightly obsessed with these!! I love them.

Also, I would go with a rich color scheme/dark woods and THIS ceiling.  Amazing.  Beautiful and cozy looking at the same time!

Oh and of course it would have a magical-self-populating shelf of ARCs; constantly supplying me with amazing new reads.  A girl can dream, right?

Do you have a dream in home library? 



Becky (Page Turners) said...

Mine isn't quite so wonderful - i only hope to have a space one day where i can put some florr to ceiling custom made shelves. That would be enough for me!

Celesta said...

we are library obsessed twinners, I swear! I love Beast's library and MUST have movable shelf ladders. That ceiling is perfect! I'll have to have a spiral staircase in mine somewhere, I love those too! Great post!


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