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Crossed by Ally Condie

Genre: Young Adult – Dystopian
Publication Date: November 1st 2011
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile
Age Range: Young Adult
Pages:  367
Book Source: ARC prize from contest

Synopsis (via Goodreads)
: Rules Are Different Outside The Society

Chasing down an uncertain future, Cassia makes her way to the Outer Provinces in pursuit of Ky--taken by the Society to his sure death--only to find that he has escaped into the majestic, but treacherous, canyons. On this wild frontier are glimmers of a different life and the enthralling promise of a rebellion. But even as Cassia sacrifices every thing to reunite with Ky, ingenious surprises from Xander may change the game once again.

Narrated from both Cassia's and Ky's point of view, this hotly anticipated sequel to Matched will take them both to the edge of Society, where nothing is as expected and crosses and double crosses make their path more twisted than ever.

Scoot’s Review:
I was looking forward to this sequel to find out what was going to happen to Cassia and Ky.  However, in the end I was just so BORED with it.  This book seemed outrageously slow to me. I kept reading the story because I wanted to know what was going to happen, but overall I didn’t enjoy the book.  I really liked Matched, but the pace and stress of the first novel just seemed to be lacking in Crossed.  There was a lot of flowery pondering about poems, and a lot of sacrificing everything for what felt like nothing to me.  Cassia was a less likeable character in this novel for me because her backbone went all floppy again and her priorities changed overnight from finding and being with Ky to full on rebellion.  It just seemed a little far fetched.  Furthermore, the author seemed to be attempting to drag the love triangle out – when I was under the impression the decision had already been made.  Some readers might love the mystery, but I am burned out on love triangles so I found it annoying to read about a wishy-washy female lead.  On the plus side, the writing, character, and world building were good.  There were also some heartstring-pulling scenes that helped give the story some depth.  I am not in a huge rush to read the final portion of the trilogy, but I don’t plan to fully give up on it.  Here’s hoping the third book, Reached, can hold my interest more.

Notable Quotable:
“We have all been carved out by our sorrow. Cut deep like canyon walls.”
― Ally Condie, Crossed



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Bookworm1858 said...

I'm so with you! Matched had things happening but Crossed was a lot of "flowery pondering about poems" (such a great way to phrase it :) and nothing happening. I'm not sure if I want to return to this world for the conclusion.


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