Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blog Dust Bunnies

This blog is getting dusty from lack of updates!

However, I do have a few good excuses:
(Is there really such a thing as a good excuse? I mean, an excuse is an excuse.)
  • Excuse #1: My work office is moving! Usually I am a day-time blogger and lately I have been way too slammed at work to have any down time for blogging.  Boo.  What? Do they expect me to work at work? Go figure.
  • Excuse #2: My internet at home is broken.  BROKEN!  Eventually this will get fixed, but in the mean time we are suffering from withdrawals and are sneaking over to other people’s homes to steal their wifi.  It is tragic.
  • Excuse #3: I have discovered a new hobby = Pinterest.  This website is a mixed blessing for me.  I love it because I now have millions of DIY projects to work on and recipes to try, but at the same time it has managed to steal a significant portion of my time...  and time is something I really don’t have a lot of. 
  • Excuse #4: My husband just had a small break from school, which means I actually got to spend time with him! It was lovely.  We basically just shut ourselves off from the world and ignored life for a while.  I am all for doing this the rest of the year, but sadly real life keeps getting in the way. ;)

Life is all about balance.  Eventually all of the things I juggle in life will balance out again and this blog will be back up to par, but in the mean time, please don’t mind the dust!   

(Oh and I am still managing to read a bunch of books, so I have a lot of good books to share with you – as soon as I find the time to sit and write some reviews!)


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ephrielle said...

Sweet, so at least I am not the only one out there that feels conflicted by not always thinking and breathing nothing but books. I love the part about working at work. Just great! And there is nothing like projects to distract me from reading especially since I haven't read all that many great books lately. Although, I feel I may let so many dustbunnies grow on my blog that I will never clear them out. Am I losing the battle? Who knows, I guess I will just keep trying to dust when the inclination hits.


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