Thursday, January 28, 2016

2016 and two babies later - maybe I will post a review again??

It has been a while! I just checked the date on my last post and it was almost TWO YEARS ago.  That is a little crazy.  Time sure does fly when you are busy and having fun! 

My life has changed a lot since first starting this blog.  Back in the day I had this awesome thing called "free-time". LOL.  Now my life is filled with all things MOM.  I have two adorable baby girls and am the luckiest person on the planet.  Of course I still enjoy reading, but rarely find the time to manage it.

I plan to keep this blog as long as possible and just add to it when I have the time.  Even if it may be AGES between postings.

I can't leave a decent review at the moment for any books (I am sneaking this post in during a rare naptime where BOTH girls are asleep), but below are a few books I have enjoyed lately (ha! more like in the past two years) you should check out! 



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